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Saturdays gaming was...interesting.
Apocalyptic in some ways.
Checkout [livejournal.com profile] rayalubov's LJ for more details.
[livejournal.com profile] disgruntledgrrl and [livejournal.com profile] koed are terrific hosts.
I met the charming [livejournal.com profile] josiphine.
On the way home my vision was cloudy eyes watering fiercly.
By 5am the sneezing and fever started.
I slept almost all of Sunday. Sunday night we were awakened by squealing tires and a crash.
Someone has hit and run the nice couple down the ways pickup truck.
The cops were there within 3 minutes.
This was like 1030pm.
At 136am there was fusillade of 6 shots right below my window. Followed by screams and shouts of "Oh God!!!"
Roy called 911. The operator actually asked him if he could see who was shooting.
Roy- "They are still shooting and I am NOT going out there to get shot!"
Dallas Fire and Resue showed up in 3 minutes. By then there was no one out there but all the scared residents.
DPD never showed.
They're popo-on-the-spot for a car crash.
They're all over playing the get-drinks-and-table/lap-dances-on-tax-payers-tab-game to try to bust strippers.
But fucking gun fire?
Oh Hell No.
When they were here for the crash, Roy mentioned the drug apartment right up the street where the hit and run jerk probably came from.
Cop- "We Know."
Us- "WTF? Why aren't they busted?"
Cop- *Walks off*
My fever kicked in again then and I passed out.
Roy and several other residents met with Management about the druggies on property. The Manager of this complex is furious and the owners are meeting with DPD to offer full cooperation to get this thug shit out of here.
Ever see COPS where they are always pulling people over for leaving a "known drug house"?
Why are they not closing the places down?
Easy way to make arrests by watching them?
Paid off to ignore them?
Too busy trying to get us to provide "Extras" or "Happy Endings" at Work so they can bust us?
This is BS!!!!

BTW in case you hadn't guessed, I am staying home from both jobs today.
I feel just a touch better, the fever is still going tho depsite my breathing better.


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